Shaw Lifetime Care

Complaint & Comment Procedure


When the Company is in receipt of a complaint either verbal or written the following must be undertaken.

All complaints must be made in writing and sent to the Head of Sales “HoS”. Where a complaint is received verbally the client must be encouraged to write to the company regarding their complaint. The employee receiving the verbal complaint must send an email of the nature and contact name to the HoS who will add this to the Company complaints register and the HoS will start to investigate.

Where a complaint relates to a third party, the CEO must be informed of this by the HoS.

The HoS must ensure that the client is advised of the receipt of the complaint within seven working days and that the complaint will be reviewed and the findings or updates on the investigation advised to the complainant within one month.

Where a significant complaint* (as detailed at foot note 2) is received verbally or in written form by the Company the Directors must be informed immediately.

* “significant complaint” means a complaint alleging a breach of the Law, mala fides, malpractice or impropriety, or repetition or recurrence of a  matter previously complained of (whether significant or otherwise); “complaint” means any oral or written expression of dissatisfaction, whether  justified or not, from, or on behalf of a person about the provision of, or failure to provide a financial service which alleges that the complainant has  suffered (or may suffer) financial loss, material distress or material inconvenience;

Where a complaint remains unsettled for a period of three months and a formal written notification of the complaint must be advised to the Directors.

Where the HoS investigating the complaint has provided a substantive response to the complainant and there has been no further response and until the complainant has indicated that the response is unsatisfactory the Director may treat the complaint as closed. The complaints register of the Company must be updated to reflect the closed status.

The HoS must report to the Directors at regular intervals the number of complaints and their status. The HoS must review the complaints register and client records to assess whether the Company can demonstrate that it has or is dealing with complaints in accordance with this procedure and inform the Directors of the findings.


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There are a number of sources where SLC could obtain feedback from third parties. The HoS is responsible for ensuring that the comments are initially harvested and collated and then where appropriate, a response is communicated.

Sources of feedback include: Email/ Verbal communication either in person or via a phone call/ Social Media etc….

Each comment should be looked at with due care and attention and the HoS must decide how they should be categorised.

Positive Comments
Negative Comments
Constructive Comments
Informative Comments
Phishing Comments
Destructive Comments
Inappropriate Comments


Due to the wide variety of category, it is impossible to determine pre-defined responses to all. The HoS has a certain number of standardised responses which are to be used based on the nature of the comment.

Where a response is considered appropriate, these must be actioned within 5 working days. This includes internal communication to the relevant departments including any action needed.